Udemy – Manage and run projects in Poland [100% OFF]

Udemy – Manage and run projects in Poland [100% OFF]

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Course Description

In this course I will tell you about Polish working culture, people and specific project related topics you must know before starting with a new team and environment.

This course is especially oriented to project managers, but also other professionals may find its content useful. First part is general about Poland, what you can expect, what kind of culture and how you live there. Second part goes through topics like documenting, communication and management. Also practical examples and template files are provided. Third part is about different project phases: what to do and what to accomplish. There will be document templates and other material to have your very first project all you need. Last section will summarize what has been learned.

Poland used to be part of Soviet Union, it can be seen in some specific situations like hierarchy or needed documentation. This course cab also help to understand Baltic countries or Eastern Europe because they have similar history. The country is changing and we may need to adapt to course later. At the moment you still must know certain cultural things before landing.


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