Udemy – How to Use YouTube as an Amazing FREE Marketing Platform [100% OFF]

Course Description

I uploaded my first YouTube video in 2011 as a trial and found it was a good place to cover my old video into format. Hahaaaa.

I tried my first video by screen catching using Camtasia and uploaded into my Channel and one day found the view jump to high and my subscribers increasing day by day. I was exciting and knew I have done something right!

My Legoo Mandarin YouTube channel reached 1000 subscribers in 2015 and now standing around 13,000, as a pure language channel in the niche market. It would be great achievement for me. In September 27 2018, I was invited to attend YouTube function in Malaysia, I peek their registration form and discovered that  the channels in Malaysia with more than 10K subscribers are less than 200!

“A picture is worth a thousand words ” !  A video can tell more!  Join my course to find out the secrets I revealed to You!


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