Udemy – How To Use Alteryx To Visualise SQL Server Data In Qliksense [100% OFF]

Course Description

This course is divided into three modules :

  1. Database design using SQL server.

  2. Alteryx Designer  2018.4.4
  3. QlikSense, A Personalised, interactive data visualisations tool.
  • Module 1: Database design using SQL server:

This module will cover very basics of any database system. We will start by designing a simple database. Then will learn how to use SQL , to retrieve data stored in SQL Server. How to design tables so that you could store data in that. Then will show you how to use other data manipulation statements available in SQL.

We will cover following keywords in SQL.

  1. Select from table ,
  2. create table ,
  3. Insert into table
  4. Delete from table
  5. Where clause while using select and delete.
  6. primary key unique key.

Upcoming topics:

  1. Constrains (Check)
  2. View
  3. Index
  4. Join
  5. Union
  6. stored procure
  7. Functions

At the end of this module we will list few of the most common interview question, that you could expect from database management system.

  • Module 2: Alteryx Designer  2018.4.4:

Primary focus of this module is to clear Alteryx Designer  core certification. We will start by creating a small workflow in alteryx. Then will try to explain most commonly used tool in alteryx and will explain how to configure this tools.

We will show how to create a community account and where apply for the exam. Also will show how you could attend this designer core exam from your home. we will try to explain all the expected question that might ask in your exam. We are not providing any data dumps, instead we are trying to explain all the important topics/tool that you should know in order to work with alteryx. As it is important and most commonly used tool , you could expect multiple questions about this tool.

Module 3: QlikSense Visualisation.

This part is in post production stage and we will publish all our qliksense videos soon.

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