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Course Description

This is the course you take when everything else has failed. Because you’re not interested in anything else but getting out of the mess you’re in.

  • And it doesn’t matter if the mess is self-inflicted(it was your fault).
  • It doesn’t matter if the mess came out nowhere.
  • Even if you’ve been dealing with this mess for so long it’s become normal.

None of that matters because this course can still help.

And You Need No Prior Experience In

  • energy work
  • witchcraft
  • Magick
  • psychic development

Not even meditation.

This is a very simple method all you have to do is follow it with an open mind.

But how does it help?

It helps by taking your problem Mess situation and treating through


In action, it will be your mind setting the intention. You then make the tool (physical thought-form) to hold your intention plus pour in new energy. And magick is the process you will use to make it all come together.

Your problem(s) are like tight knots of malformed energy and energy never dies.

So what we’re going to do is show you how to copy/paste your pattern onto the situation.

That’s the Intention part. Then we will show you how to make the tool to hold that pattern in place.  And then we will show you the most important part. How to add more mental energy every day until you break the problem.

This Is Not A Course In Magick Or Witchcraft

This Is A Master-class On Problem Solving In A Hurry.

Back in 2009, a set of major and minor problems all came together in my life and I found myself spiraling out of control. More than half the mess was my own fault but what was I suppose to do?

Even if it was all my fault I couldn’t just sit there and let my life to fall apart. But although I knew where I was headed if I didn’t do something I was still in a rut and couldn’t pull out.

I needed help but there was no one around. Well, that’s not exactly true. I had help but I pushed them away. Anyway, I got scared and in pure desperation, I clung onto an idea I heard about and gave it a try.

And it kind of worked.

Sort of working was better than nothing at all so I keep on going. And I kept on getting results. Sometimes good, sometimes average but I always got something. So once I got out of the hole I got myself into. I had some time to think about what I’d been doing for the last few weeks.

Was this Witchcraft?

Well, I started out with Self-hypnosis then went into Energy Work and ended with making Thought-Forms. So at the time, I wasn’t sure. Later on, I found out what I was doing is called Chaos Magick.

And the primary use of Chaos Magick is getting results in your physical life. Which is what you will learn how to do in this course.

Because what started out as my last hope has become a self-contained program.

And I can show just about anyone how to use this program to make a change in a hurry.

  1. So if you have some neglected areas in your life that you’re afraid to handle.
  2. If you have some habits or habitual people you need to live Without Today.
  3. Or if you feel stuck in a life rut and you need to escape Now.

I made this course for you.

Because you don’t need to go through all this needless suffering, fear, guilt and worry.  You can solve almost every material concern you have with what you will learn here. And if I’m wrong refunds are quick and easy.

But I’m not wrong.

This method will work for you as it did for me and everyone else I’ve shared this with. (Mostly through my YouTube Channel) And everyone I know or have ever known of had/has at least 3 or 4 messy situations that for whatever reason they can’t won’t or are scared to deal with.

I’m going to assume the same is true for you too. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Not Anymore. Let me show you how simple it can be to turns things around for the better.

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