Udemy – Entrepreneurship – Effectuation Process for Startups & SME [100% OFF]

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udemy course - entrepreneurship - effectuation process

Course Description

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I know we all think on,

What makes a person a 5 star Entrepreneur?

How some people fail and others succeed?

You Will learn how to become a successful Entrepreneur and you Will learn how to prepare yourself.

In this course, I am going to do just that.

You will learn

  • Affordable Loss Principle
  • Crazy Quilt Principle
  • Bird in Hand Principle
  • Lemonade Principle
  • Pilot in the plane Principle

It’s everything you need to get started.

You’ll go from 0 to Entrepreneur in no time. 

This is a course that will change your Future for sure.

Entrepreneurship is not science but an art of thinking. How you think defines, what will you be? Either you will build some other person dream (Job) or will build your own dream.

So what are are you thinking?


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