Udemy – Create a 3D Platformer From Scratch [100% OFF]

Udemy – Create a 3D Platformer From Scratch [100% OFF]

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Course Description

Learn about the Unity 3D game engine with our project-based class, where we build a 3D Platformer game from scratch! If you have some basic knowledge of C# and Unity, improve your skills by exploring this course.

If you have completed a few basic tutorials on Unity and have some basic knowledge of C# (variables, loops, data structures, etc.), this class is perfect for you. We take a project-based approach, where we follow one game from start to finish.

We will:

  • Begin with a blank Unity project and flesh out a fully working game.
  • Learn fundamental techniques for creating your own 3D platform game
  • Follow several C# scripts line-by-line, building onto it as new features are added

What is covered:

  1. Setup our project settings and environment
  2. Creating a Player and Camera controller
  3. Building a Player model with animations
  4. Setting up a Health System
  5. Adding Collectibles
  6. Setting up a Pause Menu
  7. Developing a Main Menu and Managing Scenes
  8. Implementing a Saving and Loading system
  9. Adding Platforms and Enemies to Levels and Unlocking Content

Level up your Unity skills and build your 3D Platform game today!


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