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Course Description

The commercial real estate game has long been reserved for big financial institutions and deep pocked private investors, but not anymore.

With the emergence of crowd-investing platforms and the right investment knowledge, practically anyone can start investing in commercial real estate today.

Including you.

Whether you’re new to real estate investing or have dabbled in residential real estate, understanding commercial real estate could seriously expand your investment horizons.   But, it takes the right set of knowledge to get started.

And you’ll learn the crucial first steps towards understanding commercial real estate in this course

Now why should you learn from us?

As a best selling instructor with nearly 100K happy students and counting, I know how to make an online course work.  But don’t take just my word for it, check out my 1000’s of 5-star student reviews to see for yourself the value I commit to giving my students.

I also have an MBA from Stanford University. And I worked on many commercial real estate properties across a dozen asset types in multiple markets. I even helped to create the underwriting standards for 2000 store private restaurant chain, helping them open new stores around the world.

And as a licensed broker and real estate consultant, I’ve also helped many private clients with locating, evaluating, and structuring investment opportunities, including multi-million dollar commercial property acquisitions and 1031 exchanges.

My co-instructor, Brandon Young, has a Masters in Real Estate Finance & Development from University of North Carolina Charlotte as well as a Masters in Finance from Tulane University. He has over a decade of combined financial and real estate experience, including in acquisitions and development.

Collectively, through our experience working with real estate private equity funds, private investors, and development groups, and working within corporate real estate divisions, Brandon and I have involved commercial real estate deals worth well over $1B in completion value.

Enroll in the course and you will learn to speak confidently about core concepts for commercial real estate.

The course will start you off with easy foundational concepts on purpose, using easy to follow explanations–we’ll cover concepts like the replacement cost, highest and best use, absorption, and many key financial concepts critical to understanding commercial real estate.

We’ll then dive into more than a dozen detailed case studies inspired by real world commercial deals we’ve done previously, all paired with custom built investment models so you can learn by doing, exactly how professionals evaluate commercial deals across a wide range of asset types.

This course does assume an understanding of basic real estate investment analysis and is great for those build a solid foundation in commercial real estate as well as those with experience looking for a detailed, but efficient refresher.

If you build a solid foundational knowledge in commercial real estate, this is your course.

We hope to see you inside.


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