Udemy – Action Leads to Success with Kula Sellathurai [100% OFF]

Udemy – Action Leads to Success with Kula Sellathurai [100% OFF]

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Course Description

Action Leads to Success

The program on Leadership with Kula Sellathurai Author, Business Professional, Coach and Mentor

Leaders need to take Massive Action

As a leader you will always have a purpose and a vision for yourself. You need to be ready to act when a situation offers you a problem or an opportunity. Not only must you be prepared to take massive action; a great leader sets the bar high. You must gain an understanding that great results and and rewards lie just beyond the edge of what you find comfortable. You need to be willing to purposefully cross that line and embrace the unknown. That does not mean you need to be impractical or careless. No, you as a leader, are required to be logical to the nth degree, each choice being made on purpose, in line with your vision. You have to be tough, have a strong mental presence and learn to be tolerant of others who do not have the skill set you have.

Plus a certain level of empathy or some might say emotional intelligence is very necessary. just as charisma and the ability to influence. One last thing, you must be the master of action. Know the importance of acting fast, acting bold, knocking out eh competition with your brazenly beautiful symphony of purposeful action. You too can be a great leader.


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