Udemy – A fun way of learning Japanese language – JLPT N4 and N5 [100% OFF]

Course Description

When you were a baby, did you study grammar to learn how to speak?

I’m sure none of us did.

There’s only one way babies learn, and that is through repeating what others say.

In this course, there will be 136 interesting personality.

They will speak a total of 1000 sentences using short dialogues.

All you need to do is to repeat what they say.

But with passion.

Learning Japanese does not simply come from listening to it.

Please keep listening to it repeatedly and recite what the characters are saying.

I have made the lessons interesting so you will not get tired of them.

Don’t try and learn the grammar theoretically. Learn it through practice.

If you don’t understand grammar, you can learn the phrase itself.

This course is not just about watching or listening to the videos.

Please utilize the Q & A format like a chat room, and communicate with others using Japanese.

Fortunately, this course is full of people from all over the world who are keen to learn Japanese.

I will advise in the comment section if I notice any strange wording.

Let’s learn together.

This course consists of 5 hours of video lessons.

Section 3<vocabulary Lv1~25> can be downloaded.

You can listen to these in the background when you are unable to watch the video lessons.

When there are Kanji in the conversation, the meaning of the Kanji and the pronunciation will both be written to help you understand.

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