Udemy – The Complete Java for Swing (GUI) Development Course [100% off]

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The Complete Java for Swing (GUI) Development Course

Course Description

Learn to program in the world’s most popular and powerful programming language Java and make powerful and make desktop applications with it.

This fast,easy and effective course will take you from zero programming skills to being able to program fluently in Java and as well as making desktop applications like NotePad with it.

Learn to Become a Java Developer in Just A Week

  • Core Java ( Includes everything you need to know in Java )
  • Making Java Swing Applications ( Desktop Applications )
  • Learning Swing Layout Management in Java which is one of the most important things to learn.

Java and desktop applications !!!!

In this course you will learn to program in Java. This course will teach you beginner Java which is , from your first “Hello, world ” program to learning about “Classes and Objects” , “Loops” , “Conditional Statements” and various other interesting stuff…

After becoming comfortable with basic Java you will move onto learning to making desktop applications such as NotePad with it with your basic Java skills. This is called GUI (Graphical User Interface ) Programming and at the end of the course you will be able to make your own, awesome looking desktop applications.

So, I wanna make an important point . Many of you may begin to think of learning a programming language. The first question that arises in your mind is “What programming language should I learn??”. Well my opinion would be Java for sure because Java has many applications. It is the main programming language for making Android Applications and it is also used to make desktop applicatons like NotePad. It is even possible to make web applications and websites with it.

So, if you decide to learn Java , you will begin by searching the net or Udemy by typing “Complete Java for Beginners” but that is wrong because you can’t do anything useful with just Core ( Just ) Java. By learning complete Java you will not be able to do anything useful with it. Companies today ( Involved in IT or Computer Fields ), want to hire people with knowledge of application of programming languages not just programming languages.So from my perspective I won’t be wasting my time learning in-depth stuff in Java which is useless in the real world.

In this course you will learn the right amount of Java, that is the  important concepts of Object Oriented Programming , loops , Arrays , etc.. which are optimum for moving to making desktop applications using Swing ( Part of Java ) , Android Applications ( Most probably my next course and it will be for a discount price for students enrolled in this course !!).It will be very easy to move onto other programming languages after taking this course , I promise !!


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