Udemy – Portrait Photography Masterclass – Photoshop Pro Techniques [100% off]

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Portrait Photography Masterclass - Photoshop Pro Techniques

Course Description

Brand New – May 2016!

Portrait Photography Masterclass – Photoshop Pro Techniques

Master powerful Photoshop editing techniques, create stunning porfolio, amaze your clients with beautiful and timeless portraits! If you want to take your editing skills to entirely new level and turn your images from “flat” or “boring” to striking – take this course!

This course is packed with high quality supporting materials(10 high resolution TIFF files) – they are downloadable and you can use them to speed up the learning process. The “hands-on” tutorial part of the course is based on the provided image base, you don’t have to waste time on searching for suitable images. In complete, explained step by step edits I will reveal secrets of my personal workflow. Just join me in this course, download the supporting files and immediately start improving your Photoshop skills!

I will teach you all the Photoshop tricks and technics that I have learn during my over 10 years long artistic photography practice. You will learn how to improve your workflow to minimize time spend in digital darkroom and have more fun when shooting photos.

  • You will learn whole range of the most powerful and flexible portrait editing techniques;
  • You will be working in “non-destructive” way with Adjustment Layers to massively speed up the editing work;
  • You will master the most effective and flexible Photoshop tool in terms of photo editing – The Curves Tool
  • You will learn how to blend multiple adjustments in a seamless way in one image with help of masking techniques
  • You will learn how to evaluate tonal range in your images with the Histogram Tool and you will be using it as a basic reference in your workflow
  • You will achieve stunning results with your images and develop your artistic skills

So say “goodbay” to flat, washed-out photos and learn how in no time achieve dramatic results and amaze your friends, family and clients.

Start enjoying your work with the most effective and powerful Photoshop techniques now!


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