Udemy – Mastering Communications for Ultimate Networking Success #5 [100% off]

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Mastering Communications for Ultimate Networking Success #5

Course Description

Sales Mastery

Verbal Aikido training is the most powerful, quick and cost effective way to enhance interpersonal relationships, increase team engagement and create a modern team culture.

This is it….. The Fifth of Seven Modules of James MacNeil’s Verbal Aikido series called Mastering Communications for Ultimate Networking Success.

These videos are designed to build the trust and confidence required in order to manage the new demands of today’s organizations focusing on Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and Businesses.

Sales Mastery provides you with the primary tools required to Master Sales, building both a strong team and loyal customer base.

  • Identify and overcome limiting beliefs around sales and the fear and mindset around what sales is.
  • Understand ethical sales and the natural process of persuasion.
  • How to create an environment of “Like, Trust and Resonate” and how to find that sweet spot that works for you and your customer.
  • Overview of Pure Sales Success System – covering prospecting, rapport building and problem identification.

In Module 5 – Sales Mastery: we will be focused on the following:

  • Ethical sales defined
  • Proactive sales defined
  • Learn how to explode your business
  • Discover and remove the limiting beliefs you have around sales
  • Review the Natural Process of Persuasion
  • Learn how to have a person move from ‘I’ve never heard of your product/service/opportunity’ to ‘YES’
  • 5 Critical Success Factors to never ending success
  • Organic Growth Model is unveiled
  • Simplifies, clarifies and helps people excel at sales in every aspect of their business and life
  • Identify where in your current sales process you may be having challenges and learn how to correct them
  • Revisit the 7 Critical Success Factors to become a Master Networker
  • Revisit True Rapport
  • Communication cycle reviewed when it comes to sales and how you can use it skyrocket your business
  • Learn how to transition any conversation away from a negative reaction to you, your product or your business opportunity

Mastering Communication for Ultimate Network Success” is a powerful communications and business leadership training course focused on rapidly growing your organization and maximize profits. The non-confrontational philosophy of Aikido prepares anyone to stay grounded, mentally ready and able to handle any situation or interaction regardless of the circumstances to remain empowered and in control.


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