Udemy – Linear Algebra Tutorial: Determinants [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course you learn everything you need to know about determinants in just one hour. The course consists of theoretic as well as practice lectures. In the theoretic lectures I explain the statements of important theorems and give easy to understand examples. In practice lectures I go over solutions to exercises.

No preliminary knowledge beyond precalculus is assumed. Anyone who is interested in linear algebra are welcome to take the course.

However, the course is designed primarily for college students. It is great for those who’d like to get prepared ahead of live lectures, and those who need help with homework. You may also use this short course as a review before a college exam.

Like any other tutorial, this course is not a substitute to regular lectures. The goal of this tutorial is to help you learn how to solve problems in linear algebra rather than explain the proofs of theorems.


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