Udemy – How to Trade Pump and Dumps [100% off]

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How to Trade Pump and Dumps

Course Description

This course teaches you how to trade Pump and Dumps. And Yeah!, it relates directly to the movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Boiler Room. They are Pumpers and we gonna trade these Pumps.

In this course, I show you five very precise patterns. I explain them in detail: we go variable by variable for each of them. After, for each setup, I show numerous Real Chart Examples. Of course, there is one theoretical chapter where I explain the logic behind Pump and Dumps, the different types of news and the markets that we gonna trade. But, the rest of it is practical. Besides the patterns, I teach what you have to watch in the Level 2 and Time & Sales, I explain how to find the Pumps, I explain the importance of adapting to the market and much more!

I am Prop Trader in the company United Traders located in Russia, Moscow. I trade Stocks In Play and Pumps. I took the trading courses in the United Trades and it cost me 1000$. I took the courses from one fo the SMB Capital, prop firm located in NYC, traders to learn how to read the tape (Time & Sales). Also, I watched some DVDs from other gurus like Nathan Michaud (InvestorsLive). So, I know a lot of things about trading and I want share it with you!


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