Udemy – How To Create & Sell Your Own Meditation Audios From Home [100% off]

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How To Create & Sell Your Own Meditation Audios From Home

Course Description

When you listen to meditation audio’s, have you ever wondered just how much more impactful and meaningful they would be if they were guided by your own voice instead of someone else’s voice? Have you ever considered creating and sharing a meditation on a subject that you’re passionate about so that others could benefit from your knowledge and insight?

Thanks to modern technology, creating and sharing your very own digital downloads is now easier than ever before. In this course, I have created a step-by-step guide that will show you how you can write, record, and distribute your very own meditation on any topic of your choosing using nothing more than a laptop, a microphone and an Internet connection.

Not only that, I’ll also show you how you can leverage social media to market your meditations to your ideal target audience and begin building a fan base of followers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never recorded before or have limited computer skills, I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step. All you have to do is look over my shoulder and duplicate the techniques that I teach in each of the lectures


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