Udemy – Create a Virtual Pet Game in Unity and C# (Cross-Platform) [100% off]

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Create a Virtual Pet Game in Unity and C# (Cross-Platform)

Course Description

In this course you will learn how to build a classic Virtual Pet Game
for mobile devices with Unity and C#.

 We will focus on the main features of modern games in this genre. In this course we will create: an animated character, progress bars to display the needs of our pet, a simple in-game shop with scrollable content, a custom mini game and so on.

You will gain access to all the C# scripts that are used to build this game right in the beginning of the course, but we will take a closer look at each of the scripts before we use them. This approach will help us save a lot of time instead of typing in the code manually and it will let us build a more interesting and complicated game. Among all the scripts provided with this course you will get a free asset to create sliding menus in any of your future projects.

I have tried to save the project that I was working in as often as I can so that you can easily pick up the material from any point in this course. All these projects and the assets used to develop our example application will be available for download with this course.

The material in this course is divided into 5 Sections. 

Section 1 includes a short overview of the project that we will be making in this course.

In Section 2, we will create a basis that is used for any virtual pet game a system that will constantly demand care from our players in different categories. In this game we will have categories for food, sleep, taking our pet for a walk and playing with our pet. We will make custom progress bars to display our pet`s current needs. In all the other Sections of this course we will come up with different methods of interacting with our Care system to restore care points.

In Section 3, I will show you how to create sliding menus using a free asset provided with this course. We will learn how to lay our pet to sleep to restore his Sleep care points. And we will create an in-game shop with scrollable content that will allow us to buy food items for our pet. Eating these food items will restore his Food care points.

In Section 4, we will focus on animating our pet character. We will try to make the most out of the art assets that we have to create an interesting character with diverse behaviors. You will learn how to manage complex state machines in Unity`s built-in Animator component. We will discuss grouping animations by creating sub-state machines. We will give our character an ability to move in the scene. This is not used in every virtual pet game, but we will later need this feature for our mini game. We will add a new Training
system to our game that will allow our players to give commands to our pet (sit, bark, look around based on the animations that are available for this character)

In Section 5, we will add 3 new scenes to our project: a starting scene, a game over scene and a scene to take our pet for a walk and play our mini game. We will create a fun mini game that will let our players get our in-game currency to buy more items from the shop. We will add a speech bubble for our pet to send some messages when he needs something from our players. In this Section we will make our Health HUD functional. If the health of our pet drops to 0 or below the game will end.

By the end of this course we will end up with a fully functional virtual pet game. In the last lecture I will build this game and show you how it looks and feels on an actual mobile device.


Among all the scripts provided with this course you will get a free asset to create sliding menus in any of your future projects. Typically, asset of this quality would sell for $25 or more in the Unity asset store.

This asset is designed to work with new Unity UI. It will help you slide any of your UI game objects in and out of view from any direction (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) into any area of your screen. There is no need to create and configure Mecanim animations to control the movement of your sliding menus. Everything is controlled by a single script component.

Sliding menus created with this asset will support all the Unity UI features and automatically resize itself to fit their sliding area on different devices with different screens and aspect ratios.

And this comes with the course for free!


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