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Course Description

As updated on May 2016. We are always updating this course & adding new lectures regularly, so please watch our announcements.

Learn how to create amazing motion graphics & advertising videos with After Effects.

Do you want to create high quality motion videos and want to build a business? Then this course is for you. This course is specially designed to teach you that how we can use After Effects to create awesome motion graphics. Motion graphic videos are very popular today, even on each website you will find a video that explains about the website. Also, video marketing is considered best way of marketing today. They will engage more audience than text or image. So, every website or individual or brand, all are using videos. And the magic is that, nearly all explainer, intro or advertising videos are made of After Effects. Not only on internet, but also on TV. After Effect has great solution for it, because it combines motion tools, various effects, styles, animation presets and many other cool features that makes it number one in video creation.

So, we have designed this course in such way that you will get mastery over creating motion videos. We have not just covered tools, but also taught many tips & tricks. Because when we work on real project, knowing tools or effects are not just sufficient. You must know how to handle different problems. So, we have adopted project based learning approach. In each section we have included a project that will tell you how we create real motion graphics. We have designed projects so that you will feel like an artist and learn how we play tricks to get required result.

This course is designed for all levels, starting from basics, and then advanced concepts of animation. We have covered all dimensions in detail, from working with shape layers, adjustment layer, power of null object, text, classical & ray-trace 3D along with rendering.

Here is a glimpse of what we’ll be covering:

  • After Effect Basics (Getting familiar with layout working process)
  • Deeper understanding of compositions
  • Understanding different footage options
  • Working with different types of layer & learning tools
  • Detailed study of layer & shape properties
  • Advanced concepts of Masking
  • Detailed study of graph editor
  • Doing projects like Shape Morphing Animation & others
  • Advanced animation concepts like repeater, trimming path etc
  • Animating text & understanding different options
  • Understanding built-in particles
  • Creating and animating 3D objects
  • Creating true 3D objects with Ray-Trace 3D
  • Different tips for rendering like a pro
  • How to earn by creating videos
  • and much more

After Effect is one of the best tools which is in high demand & highly marketable. It will enable to get jobs quickly and help you to build your brand. I’ve landed many jobs with the skills that I teach you in this course.


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