Udemy – Write Poems (Kids Book Example) Absorb Point of View (#3) [100% OFF]

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Write Poems (Kids Book Example) Absorb Point of View (#3)

Course Description

Point of view is a difficult for many writers to understand.  Jumping from head-to-head is a jarring experience when reading, and the cause of many manuscript rejections. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way for you to build your point-of-view skills?  Wouldn’t it be super if, while you were learning,  you were able to write a marketable book?

Good news. In this brief course, you’ll build your point-of-view writing skills by writing poems from  the point of view of pets and stuffed animals. You’ll also be able to transfer skills from this course to your writing for adults–fiction and some non-fiction material. (Like narrative non-fiction.)

This course is one of a  series of learn-by-example video-based courses. Also,  you may ask questions and get answers.


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