Udemy – Unity 3D – 2D Platformer For Your Desktop [30% off]

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Course Description

We’ll be making our very own 2D platformer on the Unity3D engine. I start by showing you what software you need that can be easily and free to download and guide you the step by step process to put this entire project together. Scripts and textures are provided if you just want to get into the action of making your own platfomer. The icon image that you selected is the game you will make!

Some of the scripts in JavaScript we’ll be working on together is making a moving platform, audio, and triggers (condition that will cause an event.) The basic structure of these lessons is planned but I instruct with an impromptu approach, this way you can see common errors and how they are fixed on the spot.

The most exciting part is once you download Unity3D, you’ll have your own basic platform game in about two hours. I’ll demonstrate…

·Setting up the Unity3D scene

·Animating Textures


·Making traps as spikes

·Creating enemies

·Setting up audio

·Beating the level to load the next scene

In the end you’ll have a standalone game, meaning you can share this game with friends and the world!


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