Udemy – Songwriting 1: How to write a hit song [100% off]

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Songwriting 1: How to write a hit song

Course Description

Learn how to write a hit song in many popular music styles – rock, pop, blues, metal, reggae and more! This course will show you how to take a simple musical idea and develop it into a full song. You will gain great ideas on how to add other instruments to your original idea.

  • Step-by-step you will be shown how to develop a musical idea into a hit song. A perfect course not only for musicians, but also people interested in music production or as a studio engineer. Great for digital musicians too, or musicians interested in advertising, film soundtracks or even video game music!
  • Watch animated diagrams and performer videos that show each component being added to a song. The instructor will describe each development step and synced with music tracks explain how each new track contributes to the entire song. You will also learn how to build chord progressions in any key – and even when to break the rules!
  • Over 20 original songs created just for this course to teach you songwriting tips.
  • To benefit most from this course you will need reasonable skill on at least one instrument. Some theory and musical concepts are discussed. Beginner musicians will find some concepts hard to grasp.
  • Full PDF scores and other extras are available for download so you can really explore what’s going on in this course and build your own music reference library!


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