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SomAtomic Weight Loss - Leaner For Life

Course Description

I can say with complete confidence that the time you spend watching (and re-watching!) this program will be the most valuable time that you have invested in your training and in your physique! One thing I know for sure is that you will not leave this course the same!

All the information in SomAtomic Weight Loss has been carefully synthesized in an engaging and easy to understand way. It is not about what I say in this course, it’s about what you will take away from it and implement to your lifestyle. You can only apply what you can understand, so my priority in this course is for you to learn as much as possible.

SomAtomic Weight Loss is a plan that is packed with only the most important and applicable information.There is no mumbo-jumbo nonsense. This is a factually based fitness course that relies on well-studied principles about nutrition, training and supplementation.

SomAtomic Weight Loss is not just about telling you WHAT to do. It’s also about showing you HOW andWHY you should do it. By getting a thorough understanding of the main concepts you will be able to transform not only your body, but also help your family and friends on their quest to lose weight. So YOU will be their fitness Guru.


Many “fitness experts” promise you tremendous results without any workouts and by eating anything you want. I will be brutally honest with you guys. If you’re lazy, don’t want to put the hard work in and just want a quick fix, then this program is not for you.

The content (not to mention the length and depth of the information) of this program was created to scare off the weak and leave those who are really committed to make a change in their lives. So let me tell you something – if you commit for 6 weeks and follow the instructions in this course, I honestly believe that you will be absolutely thrilled with the results.


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