Udemy – Photoshop Editing for New Photographers [100% off]

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Photoshop Editing for New Photographers

Course Description

Photo Editing for New Photographers is your essential quick start guide to learn how to easliy edit photos using Adobe Photoshop

Whether you are using a PC or Mac, this course will teach you the exact steps to editing your photos like a pro!

Course Overview:

  • Learn to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop
  • Make portrait photos look better by improving skin, cleaning up hair, and enhancing people
  • Adjust brightness (exposure), contrast, color, saturation, and composition with photo editing
  • Organize your photos with different rating methods
  • Learn how to edit portraits

Instructor Corey Reese: Gives you an over-the-shoulder look as he teaches you how to use the most essential tools in Photoshop. Learn Secret One-Click Retouching methods, sharpening techniques, Dodging/Burning and more to create high-end photos.

Enroll now to start editing photos like a pro!


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