Udemy – Paint with your intuition & feel the healing, creative flow [100% off]

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Paint with your intuition & feel the healing, creative flow.

Course Description

This painting process is suitable for anyone and everyone who wishes to:

  1. Kick start their creativity and learn more about how their paints work.
  2. Learn to relax, to stay in the moment and keep their hands occupied ina simple and creative way.
  3. Explore the simple process of making marks and using paints.





For the budding artist.

It’s a super way to learn more about your paints, how they work with different amounts of water and with each other.

You will better understand the relevance of contrast and colour values in your work.

For those who want to relax and discover their creativity.

Play with marks and paint on the paper without any goal.

Let you inner child come out to play in a process which has no rules and no restrictions. A process for you alone to explore and to discover a stillness within.


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