Udemy – Overcome Fear to Create Your First Online Course [100% off]

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Overcome Fear to Create Your First Online Course

Course Description

For how long you are planning to create & publish that online course?

You know, you have that special gift.

You want to share it with the whole world.

And I know, that’s the exact reason you want to create that online course

Yes, to showcase your talent & help people to achieve the desired results.

I know you are thinking about your course all the time, when you get up, having your breakfast, exercising, driving…all the time.

You are having so many sleepless nights.

But nothing moving ahead, you are stuck.

There are certain fears which are holding you back.

I conducted a survey & I found out there are few common ones.

Here are these common fears holding you back from creating & publishing your online course.

1.       Why anyone would pay me when they could find it online for free?

2.       How long my online course should be?

3.       What if someone steals or copies my content?

4.       What should I name my business?

5.       What should I charge for my online course?

6.       Should I offer a refund?

Here is what I did?

I actually interviewed some awesome entrepreneurs who wanted to create there online course & stuck up with these fears.

I tried to understand the exact psychology & problem they are stuck up at.

I offer them free consulting. They found it extremely useful & applied it.

So if you are stuck up with similar fears then this course is just for you.

At the end of the course you will be able to pass through these fears.

Or if you have not stated your course yet but planning to create soon it in future, this course will help you to save a lot of time & sleepless nights without getting stuck at theses points.

Well this course does not talk about any technical details or Marketing & selling your courses.

The whole aim of the course is to provide strategies to overcome fear, mental blocks & help you to publish your minimal viable course.

So are you ready?


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