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Meaningful Songwriting: Write Songs That Matter To You

Course description

Would you like to create meaningful songs about the things that really matter to you?

Did you know that you have a unique voice and perspective and that the world needs the songs that only you can write?

In this course, you will learn how to identify what is meaningful and important to you and put it into a song.

There is a lot of information out there that emphasizes commercial songwriting, which is about writing a hit song. While it can be important and valuable to learn these skills, this course takes a different approach and teaches you how to develop and express your own voice. Whether your goal is personal or commercial songwriting, this will only help you grow stronger as a songwriter.

This course includes a number of exercises to help you determine the things that are meaningful to you so that you can generate a master list of meaningful song ideas. You’ll learn the Six Brainstorming Techniques to help access these ideas.

Please note that this is not a course that focuses on the fundamentals of how to write a song. While we’ll briefly look at song structure and the parts of the song, the emphasis will be on how to create and maintain meaning throughout the songwriting process.

There will be a number of songwriting resources if you are interested in furthering your study of songwriting.

You’ll also have the opportunity to share the meaningful song that you write in this course with the group.

There will be examples of songs sprinkled throughout the course that help demonstrate how to express meaning through song.

Mostly, you will learn that by expressing your story and original voice, you have the power to change the world, one song at a time,

Come and join us for Meaningful Songwriting!

How to sign up:

Simply click the green “Take this course” button on the top right-hand side of this page to start learning how to write meaningful songs.

Other benefits:

This course is available on-demand – which means you can access it anytime.

This course is 100% refundable for the first thirty days if for some reason you are not satisfied (and please let me know if you aren’t – I am always open to feedback.)

You will have the opportunity to ask the instructor questions – either within the group or through a message.


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