Udemy – Master the Art of Peaceful Parenting [100% off]

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Master the Art of Peaceful Parenting

Course Description

In this course you will imbibe a liberating, life altering parental paradigm change – based on common sense, philosophical truth, and modern scientific insights.

You will master the fundamental philosophical truths of peaceful parenting. Your increased understanding of human nature will empower you to succeed as a parent far beyond what you dreamed possible.

You WILL LEARN Specific real life practices – including useful tools and techniques – that will help you master, and so accrue, the many benefits of non-coercive, respect-based parenting.

You will be transformed through a philosophically driven system – tested and proven in real life situations – to become the wise and effective parent you dream of being.

You will unleash a practical system of real world behaviors that become second nature – first through deep understanding, then practice, that ultimately become habits.

And this brings us to what you get with mastering the art of peaceful parenting,

A more confident child.

A more peaceful child.

A more patient child.

A more intelligent, rational child.

A more virtuous, obedient child.

A child that is grateful to you.

And given all of the above… a happier child.

A more trusting and connected relationship with your child.

And so a better, closer relationship with your child, long term.

More access to your child’s mind and heart through that trust… and so more influence on who they are and what they believe.

A more virtuous you.

Less regrets and more joys as you travel the uneven and challenging road of parenting.


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