Udemy – Manage Your Mindset – Coaching for Confidence [100% off]

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Manage Your Mindset - Coaching for Confidence

Course Description

What is the course about?

This online coaching programme will introduce you to a number of areas which will help you to develop your skills and abilities in managing your emotions, use of time and general performance.

This will make you feel more confident and enable you to move forwards with greater belief.

Course Materials

A number of exercise worksheets are included with the course which will allow you to practice what you learn.

A Daily Confidence audio file is available for you to download and listen to.

Course Length

This course can be completed in about four hours. Ideally, for maximum benefit, you should spread this course over four weeks. This will allow time between the main sections to practice, listen to the daily confidence audio and to reflect on what you have covered.

Course Structure

The course is split into six sections. An introduction, followed by four main sections that take you through the steps to improve your confidence. Finally a summary section is used to recap learnings and prompts you to make a ‘I commit to…’ promise.

Why take this course?

If you’re serious about wanting to improve your confidence, this course will help you explore and challenge your current approach to situations and the confidence levels you have, and inspire you to improve.


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