Udemy – Making Marketing Easy with NLP- Learn how your market thinks [100% off]

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Making Marketing Easy with NLP- Learn how your market thinks

Course Description

Welcome to Making Marketing Easy with NLP.

I am  really looking forward to sharing with you some really powerful psychological concepts and principals that you can use in your marketing straight away to start to see fantastic results.
I am going to be sharing with you a lot of stuff from my NLP practitioner training, that has been adapted specifically for the purpose of marketing. You will learn:

  • some of the best methods for influencing your market out there. You might even call this persuasion marketing, although I think I should say up from that what we are going to be learning in this course Is not so much about persuading people but rather delivering our product or service to them at
  • a) a time when they want it and
  • b) when they are ready to buy.
  • In short we are going to make it really easy through our marketing to enable people to decide to buy.
  • We are going to be looking at the general psychology of marketing and why it is so important if you want to establish a solid business strategy
  • You are going to learn about your prospects needs and how to meet those needs easily
  • You will learn about how people process information so that you can design marketing materials that really hit the mark.
  • We are going to go through Maslows hierarchy of needs so that you can understand how to adapt your message to meet  the needs of different people at different points in their lives.

And you are going to learn a whole load of techniques to help you plan and implement your marketing efforts in a way that engages with your audience and results in them joining your sales process.

We will also be looking at the idea of ecology and ethics in marketing, which is vial to building a sustainable business and in getting repeat customers so there are no tricks in this course, what you are going to learn are really solid principals around the psychology of marketing with a good dose of NLP thrown in for good measure as well.

So we have a lot to cover, and we will be going pretty quickly, so grab yourself a pen and paper, and lets get started


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