Udemy – Learn to shade a GIS map in Five Steps [100% off]

Learn to shade a GIS map in Five Steps

Course Description

  • Follow-along with the videos as I create a shaded map of a practical every-day GIS problem
  • No previous Geographical Information Systems knowledge needed
  • All Work Materials are ready for you to download
  • I teach in a way that’s applicable to ALL GISs, even Arc.
  • No need to purchase software. We’ll use the FREE Open Source Quantum GIS
  • Unlimited lifetime access (including future upgrades)
  • Unconditional, no-questions-asked full 30-day money-back guarantee!
  • Course Q&A area

Are You Struggling With GIS?…

  • And just want someone to hold-your-hand…
  • And walk you through a simple GIS mapping exercise…
  • Step-by-step, follow-me-along-in-the-video style, using the exact same dataset…
  • Using a no-cost fully-functional GIS…
  • Assisted by captioned videos, transcriptions, and downloadable course materials that expand on the talking points.
  • And even Quizzes and a Certificate of Completion?

More About This Course:

Do you want to add mapping to your armoury of data analysis and presentation tools, but just don’t know how to make a start?

Maps are the missing tool in so many professional’s toolkits. Maps are the ultimate communication tool whether your audience is decision makers, stakeholders or academics.

Whether you have previous experience with GIS or not, it doesn’t matter. Download the work files, then work along-side me in the videos using the exact same maps. You’ll soon start to see how you can apply GIS to your own projects.

You get to eavesdrop as I work, and gain insight into how a GIS analyst works and thinks.

The idea is to make this self-contained GIS course fun and easy, and cut out all the techo-gibberish that seems to accompany so many GIS tutorials!

Be sure to click on the “take this course” button on the top right corner. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you’ve got a lot to gain.

See you inside!


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