Udemy – Learn How to Create Extremely Profitable Online Courses [100% off]

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Learn How to Create Extremely Profitable Online Courses

Course Description

Brand-spanking new course! Launched July 13, 2016.

Creating online courses is complicated. Creating a successful online course requires skills in videography, animation, instructional design, screencasting and video editing. This is to say nothing of the skills needed to deliver or promote a course to students.

With an Internet full of online courses, you can’t just slap something together and expect it to sell or attract students. If only there was some way to quickly learn everything you need to know about creating online courses…(wink,wink)…

Learn How to Create Extremely Profitable Online Courses is an online course built to empower individuals with the know-how and tools needed to create and grow profitable online courses. It is comprised of a comprehensive set of video lectures that walk you through every step needed to launch an extremely profitable online course:

Understand what to consider before you start recording, and gather the necessary equipment (most of which you already own)!

Learn the terminology and steps needed to create an awesome course, from drafting a course outline to exporting the final videos.

Discover the best places to publish or host your content. Give your course a catchy title and a price that converts the most students.

Master the many different ways to promote your course to target audiences, and learn how to keep your students engaged.

Be it cooking, yoga, photography, programming or business, everyone is an expert in something. With equal portions know-how and elbow grease, you too could start selling courses online – converting your expertise into thousands of dollars each month.

But, don’t take my word for it:

“Evan shows you how to do what needs to be done, tells you why…and shows everything in an easy to understand order.” – Gregory Young

“Evan made what seemed to be an almost impossible thing for me to learn and made it so simple and well explained.” – Darren Smart

“Evan delivers what is promised and is an excellent instructor…so there’s no opportunity to check out mentally.” – Robert Smith


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