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Leading Like An Alpha

Course Description

This course is for all existing leaders, as well as those who aspire to move into leadership positions in the future. The course offers insights as to how tuning into the biology of your tribe members can assist you with learning how to lead them into a state of excellence – consistently. We seriously underestimate the power of the natural  chemicals which govern our behaviour as a species and many leaders are completely unaware of how useful this information can be in their day-to-day dealings with their teams.

The course is three and a half hours long and is structured in a way which explains what these chemicals are and how they work in the most straight forward way possible. Once I’ve covered how these chemicals affect our behaviour as humans beings, I talk through the strategies you need to use to make this work in your favour as an Alpha Leader – and more importantly, how to implement these strategies with your people.

I show you how to turn your team into a motivated, connected, happy tribe who trust and respect you as their leader and love their jobs too. This is the state of being that humans thrive in.


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