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Killer Sales Technique, Learn Conversational Selling

Course Description

When you watch the above promo video, you will see  exactly why “Conversational Selling”  is hands down, the best method for selling in the world.  Thru this course you will understand everything you need to know to immediately use this simple but powerful technique to close more deals and have much more fun selling.

Whether you are a new sales person or a seasoned pro, you will understand how Conversational Selling builds on what you do every day naturally, have conversations.

Sales can be stressful,  In this course you will learn how to approach each sales situation in a relaxed frame of mind, with the goal being to have a great conversation and have fun vs the pressure to close your  deal. Its amazing how this shift in your mindset will lead to great success and so much more fun selling  all at the same time.

In this step by step course, I will teach you how to build trust and confidence quickly and easily so your customer wants to buy from you..

You will learn cutting edge techniques for handling objections as they arise, in a confidence building way. throughout your sales presentation.

Gain mastery over the use of “Assumptive Language” to close your deals effortlessly, with little or no resistance.

As you take this course you’ll become an expert in  every aspect of  the successful “Sales Conversation” : Building rapport, Understanding how mindset plays a key role in sales and putting yourself into a correct mindset, How to uncover motivations, objections and concerns, How to handle objections using A.R.P ( Align Reframe, Pivot, without a doubt,  the most powerful objection handling technique). And finally, how to close your deals using Assumptive Language.  Nothing is left to chance.

when you follow  along with this course, you will understand exactly how to use this technique to become aTOP PREFORMER ! You absolutely can be in the top 1% of your sales organization, I have taught  hundreds of sales people many of whom have become top sales people with their industries. In short you will llearn to become the Best of the Best!

This course is conversational by nature so you’ll enjoy listening and learning.


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