Udemy – Introduction to Accounting, Finance, Modeling and Valuation [100% off]

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Introduction to Accounting, Finance, Modeling and Valuation

Course description

** ACCORDING TO BUSINESS INSIDER: “Haroun is one of the highest rated professors on Udemy, so you can expect to be in good hands through the course of your education.” **  He is the author of the best selling business course on Udemy this year called ‘An Entire MBA in 1 Course’

This course will help you understand accounting, finance, financial modeling and valuation from scratch (no prior accounting, finance, modeling or valuation experience is required). 

Professor Chris Haroun has been profiled in Forbes Magazine and Business Insider and has raised and managed over $1bn in his finance career. He loves teaching students about real world practical concepts with no theory.

Professor Haroun has more than 20 years of finance analyst experience in several different finance sectors, including 5 years at Goldman Sachs, 8 years in the hedge fund industry at firms that include hedge fund giant Citadel and his own firm, 7 years in the venture capital industry (a venture firm he started had a private investment years ago in Facebook) and 4 years in the finance/tech industry at Accenture where he worked on the merger of Bank of America and Nations Bank as well as setting up an offshore bank for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. His finance work experience has been all over the world in countries that include the United States, England, Scotland, Canada, Japan, China, India and France. He has taught students in more that 160 countries and he is a well known business author of many books. His popular business book: ‘101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School’ was written up in Forbes Magazine as “1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs need to read right now.”

Professor Haroun also has an MBA from Columbia University where he majored in Finance.

After taking this course, students will understand how accounting, finance, modeling and valuation works. 


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