Udemy – How To Build An Outsourced Lead Generation Machine [100% off]

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How To Build An Outsourced Lead Generation Machine

Course Description

This course teaches how you to build a process and team of people to generate 1,000’s of leads a week for your business at a fraction of the cost.

Maybe you’ve heard of “outsourcers,” and how some people are absolutely killing it by taking advantage of this…that’s because this is a core lead generation strategy of many fastest growing companies!!

This course will teach you step by step exactly how to build a lead generation machine leveraging outsourced labor.

You’ll learn:

  • How to define your ideal customer and build a process around finding them that you can pass off to outsourcers
  • How to find, vet, and hire outsourcers to execute your work including testing systems and charecteristics you should look for.
  • A host of different software automation work to take the work given to you by outsourcers and 10x your effort

This course will pay itself  back in spades within one week if you actually put in the work. Even getting comfortable finding and hiring these people that you can use for other tasks is worth its weight in gold.

Stop waiting around while other people take advantage of this strategy and get in the game while you still can!


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