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Food safety and sanitation

Course Description

Welcome to food safety and sanitation. In this fun and animated course you will learn about food borne illness, how to prevent it and how to train employees in food sanitation. It is imperative that everyone in your organization from the owner, to the manager to all your employees learn the basic food safety practices for preparing and serving food. Do not assume people understand these rules or how to apply them. It is your job to protect customer health, improve employee performance and preserve your business reputation. Most people like myself learn these essential food safety practices in culinary school but some do not. It is your job to understand, identify and create a culture of food safety.

The concepts covered:

•   The Importance of Food Safety

•   HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

•   Receiving and Storing Food

•   Time and Temperature Control

•   Preventing Cross-Contamination

•   Safe Food Preparation

•   Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food

•   Cleaning and Sanitizing

•   Good Personal Hygiene

•   Food Safety Regulations

•   And much, much more . . .


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