Udemy – Don’t Leave Money On The Table – Sell Covered Call Options [100% off]

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Don't Leave Money On The Table - Sell Covered Call Options

Course Description

If you are a stock investor, and you don’t do covered call selling, you are leaving a LOT of MONEY on the table.

Why? Because by following this incredible and simple to implement strategy, you could pay yourself an additional monthly or a bi-monthly salary.

This course includes the following 4 sections:

    1. Introduction to covered calls selling

    2. Fundamentals of options

    3. The 5 step process of selling covered calls

    4. Detailed analysis of 4  scenarios following the options selling

you will learn in the course how to potentially achieve a phenomenal yield by combining 2 independent sources of profit: (1) rise of stock price (2) funds received from selling the covered call options.

Even if you are new to options trading, no worries. In the course I take you step-by-step throughout the essential basics of options, and the considerations and the practice of selling covered calls.

The beauty about this strategy is that it’s very easy to implement and you can repeat it as many times as you want, and continuously generate an additional, extremely low risk, source of income.

Take this course today!

Every day that you don’t sell covered calls you literally leave your money on the table.


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