Udemy – Data Warehouse Concepts: Basic to Advanced concepts [100% off]

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Data Warehouse Concepts: Basic to Advanced concepts

Course Description

****May 2015 Update****

New section with Data-centric implementation approach for a Data Warehouse Project is added.

****May 2015 Update****

In this course, you will learn all the concepts and terminologies related to the Data Warehouse , such as the OLTP, OLAP, Dimensions, Facts and much more, along with other concepts related to it such as what is meant by Start Schema, Snow flake Schema, other options available and their differences. It also explains how the data is managed with in the Data Warehouse and explains the process of reading and writing data onto the Warehouse. Later in the course you would also learn the basics of Data Modelling and how to start with it logically and physically. You would also learn all the concepts related to Facts, Dimensions, Aggregations and commonly used techniques of ETL. Upon completion of this course, you would have a clear idea about, all the concepts related to the Data Warehouse, that should be sufficient to help you start off with the next step of becoming an ETL developer or Administering the Data warehouse environment with the help of various tools. All the Best and Happy Learning !


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