Udemy – Creative Writing Novel Workshop – Success with Characters [100% off]

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Creative Writing Novel Workshop - Success with Characters

Never write a weak character again! Using short, easy to digest lectures, this course will go over:

  • The common misconceptions of character development, and why they are wrong.
  • The differences between a normal protagonist and an actual hero.
  • What your characters need to grab reader interest, hold it, and actually mean something to him.
  • Clear steps to develop your own characters.

If you’re a new writer just getting into characters, or an experience author looking for a better understanding of what makes a character work, this course is for you. After this course, you will never again wonder why your characters turned out the way they did, and better still, you’ll be able to fix them.

Take this course, and with it take control of your character development, and gain a clear understanding of the inner workings of all characters.


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