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Create an Online Business You Love

Course Description

Three years ago I started an online business, and made loads of mistakes! The purpose of this course is to give you a condensed guide through the absolute fundamentals of setting up and running an online business, and an online business which is not going to kill you through overwhelm or sending you down on false paths.

The course runs through several very important areas that you need to know about before embarking on an online business, or even at this stage is where you’re trying to get clarity about what the business should do, and how it should do it. Let alone, who your client should be.

I’m teaching this course through combination of face to camera lectures, and screen cast insights and behind-the-scenes into my own business, and into mind maps that I use when planning out key parts of strategy and content.

You could properly jump through the main elements of this course in a couple of hours, though you’d be better served by watching through every lecture. More lectures will be going up over time, therefore it’s hard to give an exact estimate of the total time commitment. But if you count on a few hours, that will be about right.

The course is structured into getting you to think about and running you through exercises to determine the exact focus of your business, defining your client should be, and the kind of “customer journey” that they should experience when doing business with you.

The course then goes on to some of the specifics that you need to know about in order to operate effectively online, and build your business into a success. This includes territories such as copywriting, sales pages, traffic, funnels, sales process, leveraged, focus and so forth. Indeed, even if you took nothing else away aside from reading the sales page, that list alone would be useful to you.

You should take this course if you want to get clear about exactly what your business should do online, and how it should do it. The course is aimed primarily at those just starting out, or those who may have been trying to get a business to motor for a period of time, but are finding it difficult to gain clarity or are finding that there is a particular problem in one of the key areas that an online business needs to operate in order to succeed.

Those who are already highly successful or have a very clear plan in place to run their online business probably won’t find a lot of new in this course, though you may enjoy some of the insights in it.


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