Udemy – Create a Profitable Online Course Fast: Product Launch Plan [100% off]

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Create a Profitable Online Course Fast: Product Launch Plan

Course description

How do you make more money in less time with online courses, even if it’s your FIRST course? Simple, do what the pros do: Use a product launch system to market and sell your course

In this course, I not only show you, step-by-step, how to quickly create your own, high quality online course, but I also show you how to market and sell your course FASTER, and at HIGHER PRICES, with the product launch system

EVERY. SINGLE. SUCCESSFUL. INSTRUCTOR. ONLINE. USES. A. PRODUCT LAUNCH SYSTEM. They don’t mess with coupons or cut rate course prices


A product launch system is 5 to 8 times MORE profitable than any other marketing system. It works like magic, even if you’ve never created an online course before!

Creating your 1st course is one thing, but getting people to buy it is quite another…

So are you ready? Let’s do this…

Learn how to make money teaching online courses with this simple and fast step by step system.

Transform yourself from someone who trades hours for dollars, and can only make as much money as you have hours to trade…

…into someone who invests several hours creating an awesome online course, then gets paid for those same hours and that course over and over again!

That’s the magic of leveraging and scaling your time with a product that you create, rather than just getting paid for only the hours you show up to work for someone else

Authors use it… Musicians use it… Software developers use it… now you can use it with online courses!

Be free, live life on YOUR own terms. Earn money for what YOU know, what YOU are passionate about.

Create online courses and live where you want, work when and where you want, travel the world, or just have more free time at home.

Take Action! Click the blue “Buy” button above and let’s get started

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Course:

  • How to find your Profitable course idea
  • How to price your course & set income goals
  • Learn how to quickly outline your course
  • How to record a high quality course the easy way
  • Learn to create an awesome sales page & promo video
  • How to build your email list of fans & customers for life. HUGE!
  • Learn to sell your course using a product launch system. HUGE!
  • How to master the post launch follow up for huge future sales


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