Udemy – Complete Beginners Guide to iOS Development – Build 10 Apps [100% off]

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Complete Beginners Guide to iOS Development - Build 10 Apps

Course Description

The goal of this course is to teach anyone how to build an iOS App from the ground up. The course is very project-based and specially designed for beginners with no programming experience. And, if you have some coding experience, this course will take you from coding hobbyist to an intermediate level, ready to launch a new tech career.

You will first learn the fundamentals of the Swift language by examples:

  • Variables & Constants
  • Control Flow
  • Data Types
  • Object, Classes & Struct
  • Enum

You will learn the basics of iOS programming with playground demos and challenges. This will give you the solid foundation to start building iPhone Apps.

Next, You will start building simple apps to expand your knowledge and finish with a capstone project: SwiftAgram, an Instagram Clone App.  In this final 5-hour+ tutorial, you will apply your accumulated skills to build an Instagram-like, multi-views application with more advanced features, like:

  • Displaying Contacts in a TableView
  • Networking to display web content
  • Importing Images from the Photo Library (UIImagePickerView)
  • Implementing Facebook User Authentication & Monitoring (Facebook Login SDK)
  • Enabling Data Persistence and Synchronization with Firebase as a Service Data Persistence (BaaS)

You will be introduced to Firebase as a Cloud Back-End Service to manage your app with data persistence and synchronisation. And, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to enable user authentication with your Facebook account with the Facebook Login SDK.


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