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Course Description

Think of this as a repository for pieces of code that you may need for something specific. Content will be added from time to time.

Thought of creating this course after reading lots of post on various online forums, it appears to me that most of the questions being ask are basic things

This is not a conventional course hence lectures are not arrange in order and not focus on one specific aspect of technology.

In view of that the content of this course will be sharped mostly by student; what I mean is when you have a problem related to web development, post it as a question in the discussion area and I will do my best to provide a solution with a video lecture or any other way that is best suited for that specific problems.

When I discover something new I will record a lecture and upload, I will also add content from my other course which might be helpful to someone.

P.S: Areas that I can offer solutions for now includes: SQL, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJax, Laravel, HTML, CSS.


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