Udemy – Closed Captions Training #1 – Do Correct CC Files for Amazon [100% off]

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Closed Captions Training #1 - Do Correct CC Files for Amazon

Course Description

Amazon Video Direct Training Course 1 – Learn to do Closed Captions correctly right at the beginning.  Amazon wants Closed Captions!

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Course Updated: July 7, 2016


IMPORTANT:Amazon Video Direct wants Perfect Closed Caption Files.

Do you know why Amazon is not approving your closed caption files?

Do you know why your CC files keep getting  ‘publishing errors’?

You are not uploading the Right CC files onto the Amazon Video Direct Platform.

Amazon support does not have the time to explain to you what is wrong with your CC files. You need to upload the correct CC files to get approved.

You need to understand the differences in the following terms:

1.  Closed Captions

2.  Open Captions

3.  Subtitles

Here is a course at my students request so that you can make the right kind of Closed Caption Files immediately.

If you do not know the difference between Closed Captions, Subtitles and Open Captions, then this training course is exactly what you need.

It takes Amazon at least 2 weeks to go over your files to approve your videos to go live on the platform.  So it is important that we get everything correct from the beginning so that you don’t waste your time waiting around and only to find out that your CC files are rejected.

Learn to do everything right at the start for your business.

In this course, I have also included 2 Free Resource Tools for you to get your CC done immediately.  

Tool 1 –  Free Open Subtitle Software

Tool 2  – You Tube Platform

Final Edit – Combine Tool 1 & Tool 2!




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