Udemy – Closed Captions # 3 -Tools & Free Resources to do CC Smartly [100% off]

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Closed Captions # 3 -Tools & Free Resources to do CC Smartly

Course Description

Closed Captions Training # 3–  Discover Different Resource Tools on the NET so that you can quickly get your Closed Caption Files done EFFICIENTLY & Dynamically in a professional way.  Use my Secret Magic Trick + choose your own Work Flow!


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Course Updated: July 17, 2016


Did you know that there are many Resource Tools you can use on the Net to help you do Closed Caption Files easily?

Your goal is to use the quickest and most effective way to get the Closed Caption Files done ASAP.

Everyone’s situation is different.  You need as many resources as you can get to get this momentous task done for your business.  In this course, I am going to get you up to speed.

In a nut shell, to get CC files done, you need 2 Big Steps:

1.  Turn Speech to Text

2.  Use Subtitle Software / Platform to edit the Transcript.

In this course, I am going to show you Resources Online to turn all your videos from speech to text with just one click of a finger. That’s it.  You don’t want to waste time to transcribe the transcript word for word yourself. This will take ages. Who has that kind of time?  You are going to use the resources that I give you to turn all your videos to text with just a click of the mouse.

I also show you how to use different open source software where you can download freely from the net. Choose the one that you enjoy using and start editing your transcript.

Please also use my Secret Tip to FAST TRACK your editing so that you can get your CC files done effectively and professionally.

If you want to hire a VA to get the CC files done for you, I give you a link whereby your VA does not even need to use your personal account in You-tube to get the transcript.

So come on into this class and find out the different scenarios to maximize the usage of these FREE Resources Online.  Since many of us use Camtasia, I also show you the features where you can turn “Speech to Text” and “Do your own Captions” easily on the timeline. You do not need a thorough training to use these softwares. You just need to know where to FOCUS and start getting on with the task.

Come on into the class and join our students who are having lots of fun creating these CC files. There are many fun activities for you to get involved in and soon, you will find that your CC files are getting done very quickly.

Enroll into this class & I will see you inside,



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