Udemy – AzonU: Look Into our 6 Figure Amazon Business! – PART 1 [100% off]

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Course Description

My Brother and me created an Amazon Business just over a year ago. We started small just in the United States. We said as soon as we hit 100k we would make a course teaching others how to do it. I’m happy to say we’ve now passed $170k and have been making this course for a few months.

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part course. In this Part you will learn Product Research. How to continuously find successful products over and over again with out having to spend any money. You will learn the basics of Amazon Seller Central and you will learn the entire order and shipping process with China. This is a big section as there is a lot to cover. We don’t want you wasting your money. Finally you will learn how to set up your product listing. You will continue to learn a lot more vital info in course 2.

The reason this course is in 2 parts is because the maximum a course can cost on Udemy is $50. We didn’t feel it was right to sell the entire course for this amount as it’s got so much value in it.

Amazon is a huge company and even though there are many sellers already on Amazon there is always room for more!

Our first product had a lot of competition, but using the skills we teach in this course we got our product to page 1 and in the top 5 of Amazon. Now we continuously get 35+ sales a day, without having to do anything.

We went to America for a trip for a week; in that week we did no work, and still sold over 150 products. We were able to do this because we had previously put in a lot of work to the point that we are now making a passive income.

And that is what we want for you! We want you to be financially free, have a passive income and be able to live your life however you want! 

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