Udemy – A-Z Guide to Pronouncing Spanish like a Native! [100% off]

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A-Z Guide to Pronouncing Spanish like a Native!

Course Description

One of the biggest struggles to learning a new language is pronunciation.

Many learning programs fail to provide you with a clear, comprehensive guide to the many faucets that make up pronunciation including diphthongs, word stress, and vowels. As a consequence you may develop a strong accent and mispronounce spanish words, leaving native speakers confused.

My course aims to prevent such events by providing you with the tools and knowledge you need to learn spanish pronunciation and sound like a native. I have broken down spanish pronunciation into 7 modules:

  1. SPANGLISH: The spanish you already speak
  2. GOLDEN VOWELS: The vowels A, E, I, O, and U
  3. CONSONANTS: Covers the general consonant sounds
  4. DOUBLE TROUBLE: Letters with two different sounds
  5. UNIQUE CONSONANTS: Odd sounding letters
  6. DIPHTHONGS: Covers the 16 vowels combinations
  7. WORD STRESS: How and when to use stress

Each of these modules is designed to teach you the fundamentals of pronunciations through sounds and english equivalents. To aid you in your study, I have also provided various learning materials and tools including:

  • Flashcards – printable pdfs for practice and to aid memory
  • Audio – download to review and learn on the go
  • Mini quiz – review what you’ve learned

Once you have completed my course you will be able to use the skills you have learned in real-life applications, whether for school, work, or travel. You will be well equipped to pronounce spanish with confidence and ease. You will leave with a solid foundation to continue your studies and excel in the Spanish language.


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