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Course Description

With so many passwords to remember we often resort to creating passwords that are easy to remember then using them for everything that requires a password. While this may make it simpler for you to access whatever you like quickly without much effort, it leaves your personal and private information easy to figure out. If your passwords are all the same, one only has to figure out one password to gain access to all of your important data which contains enough information for a criminal to assume your identity, create credit in your name, and wrack up large amounts of credit in your name.

Should your password get you into a business related, site, those with criminal intent will potentially gain access to all of your clients’ personal information and put them at risk for identity theft and fraud. These security risks have huge implications and consequences and can leave you or your customers in a risky position. The best solution in data protection is the creation of strong passwords.

Passwords must be changed at least every six months in order to keep your information secure. Additionally, if employees use these passwords they should be changed whenever a person leaves the business to prevent them from continuing to have access to data they should no longer have access to. Failure to do so can result in data theft by disgruntled individuals who have a bone to pick. Information could then be easily shared with outside sources and leave your business at risk for theft of your customers, leaking of information to competitors or things even more nefarious in nature. Should these passwords only be for yourself, it is still important to change them on a frequent basis to prevent someone from cracking them over time and gaining access to your information.

People often do not change passwords frequently enough because they tend to forget them and have to go through the hassle of resetting them or having a professional IT person access their system bypassing these security features. This can be an expensive endeavor and is not always possible. As a result, many people tend to continue to use the same password for extended periods of time. With the software available for criminals to help crack passwords, leaving your password unchanged can increase the likelihood that someone gains access. Viruses, worms, Trojans, and other attacks on your system’s security may result in your passwords being sent to a hacker as well. Frequent password change and use of more complex passwords are good ways to give criminals a tough time.

That being said, how do we go about making tough-to-crack passwords and still remember them? You want to keep criminals from accessing your data but not lock yourself out. This can present a bit of a challenge for most people in both the creation of the password and the remembering it. After all, we are not supposed to write these passwords down as it increases the likelihood that someone will find them and access our information, so how can we effectively manage this security issue?

The system I have created is the solution to your password nightmares! Turn the simplest, easiest to crack passwords like PASSWORD and 123456 into the most secure and compliant passwords you could ever hope to create. This dynamic course will teach you the fundamental principles behind my secure password creation system and help you to create the ultimate in passwords in a way that you will never forget them.

Changing passwords will be a breeze with what I have to offer, and you will no longer have to worry about locking yourself out of your own systems. Make your system secure, safe, and compliant against data and identity theft with this compliance guaranteed and commit them to memory no matter how many times you choose to change them. Your password nightmares will be over with this dynamic formula, method, and process!


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