Udemy – Yes! Your Resume Can Slay A Black Hole [100% off]

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Yes! Your Resume Can Slay A Black Hole

Course Description

You put out a great deal of effort while you’re pursuing that elusive dream job. Yet, there are an estimated 7 out of 10 resume packages that fail to reach human eyes. This number is chiefly due to formatting errors when the resume is submitted online.

Yes! Your Resume Can Slay a Black Hole! uses readily available software and web site tools to put your resume back into competitive form in less than 80 minutes so it can contend valiantly against your rivals’ resumes.

This is your opportunity to prevent being included in the 70% wasting hours of their efforts…with no results at all.

The course provides an overview of HR’s Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), aka HR’s Black Hole, with three easy, Super Secret Squirrel hacks as your guides to write customized and tailored Search Engine Optimized (SEO) cover letters and resumes. YYRCSABH is a specially developed strategy to defeat HR’s Black Hole so your resume can land on your hiring manager’s desk.

YYRCSABH’s design provides a do-it-yourself resume writer with an aggressive edge, which until now was only available to private clients.

The course is not for professional resume writers or those who can afford to pay the pros a $1000+ for their services.

Now is the time for you to level-up and out of the Black Hole.


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