Udemy – Writing Clean Asynchronous Code In Node.js [100% off]

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Writing Clean Asynchronous Code In Node.js

This course will include topics on

  • What is Callback
  • What is CallbackHell
  • How to avoid CallbackHell using Async.js
  • How to avoid CallbackHell using Promises
  • How to avoid CallbackHell using Async/Await
  • What is Promise
  • What is Promise Chaining
  • How to run  Asynchronous tasks in the Series using Promise Chaining
  • How to run  Asynchronous functions in the Parallel using Promise.all
  • How to run Asynchronous functions in Series using Async.series method
  • How to run  Asynchronous methods in Parallel using Async.parallel method
  • How to run  Asynchronous methods  in Loop using Async.each method
  • What is Async/Await
  • Execute Asynchronous tasks in Parallel using Async/Await
  • Execute Asynchronous tasks in Series using Async/Await
  • Run Asynchronous Tasks in Loop using Async/Await
  • Converting Callbacks to Promises
  • What is Bluebird
  • Practical examples of Bluebird.promisify method
  • Practical examples of Bluebird.promisifyAll method


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