Udemy – Watercolor painting outside or ‘en plein air.’ How to start [100% OFF]


This is a must do course for anyone who really want’s to improve their painting techniques inside or outside.


  1. Because you will learn how to extract a composition from a view.
  2. You will better understand a planning process that really works.
  3. You will no longer feel intimidated when planning a composition.
  4. You will improve your ability to focus and concentrate.
  5. See how to select you materials and equipment to keep it simple..
  6. Your confidence will soar when you have gone through this course.

Follow through all the video lectures and see how:

  • I gather information and solve problems on location f
  • Look at another subject and paintin it through to the finish. Then you can do the same.
  • Learn how to look at a subject if a simplified way

This course is filmed on location andin the studio giving you an easy to follow method to put into practice. Remember you don’t have to finish the painting in one go. Work as it suits you. Gather all the information and then you can paint in your studio if you prefer.

These studies will really help you understand a manageable way for working outdoors or ‘en plein air’ as we artists like to say.


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